Junior School

Age GroupBeing Me in my WorldCelebrating DifferenceDreams & GoalsHealthy MeRelationshipsChanging Me
5-6Feeling special and safe Being part of a class Rights and responsibilities Rewards and feeling proud Consequences Owning the Learning CharterSimilarities and differences Understanding bullying and knowing how to deal with it Making new friends Celebrating the differences in everyoneSetting goals Identifying successes and achievements Learning styles Working well and celebrating achievement with a partner Tackling new challenges Identifying and overcoming obstacles Feelings of successKeeping myself healthy Healthier lifestyle choices Keeping clean Being safe Medicine safety/safety with household items Road safety Linking health and happinessBelonging to a family Making friends/being a good friend Physical contact preferences People who help us Qualities as a friend and person Self-acknowledgement Being a good friend to myself Celebrating special relationshipsLife cycles – animal and human Changes in me Changes since being a baby Differences between female and male bodies (correct terminology) Linking growing and learning Coping with change Transition
6-7Hopes and fears for the year Rights and responsibilities Rewards and consequences Safe and fair learning environment Valuing contributions Choices Recognising feelingsAssumptions and stereotypes about gender Understanding bullying Standing up for self and others Making new friends Gender diversity Celebrating difference and remaining friendsAchieving realistic goals Perseverance Learning strengths Learning with others Group co-operation Contributing to and sharing successMotivation Healthier choices Relaxation Healthy eating and nutrition Healthier snacks and sharing foodsDifferent types of family Physical contact boundaries Friendship and conflict Secrets Trust and appreciation Expressing appreciation for special relationshipslife cycles in nature Growing from young to old Increasing independence Differences in female and male bodies (correct terminology) Assertiveness Preparing for transition
7-8Setting personal goals Self-identity and worth Positivity in challenges Rules, rights and responsibilities Rewards and consequences Responsible choices Seeing things from others’ perspectivesFamilies and their differences Family conflict and how to manage it (child-centred) Witnessing bullying and how to solve it Recognising how words can be hurtful Giving and receiving complimentsDifficult challenges and achieving success Dreams and ambitions New challenges Motivation and enthusiasm Recognising and trying to overcome obstacles Evaluating learning processes Managing feelings Simple budgetingExercise Fitness challenges Food labelling and healthy swaps Attitudes towards drugs Keeping safe and why it’s important online and off line scenarios Respect for myself and others Healthy and safe choicesFamily roles and responsibilities Friendship and negotiation Keeping safe online and who to go to for help Being a global citizen Being aware of how my choices affect others Awareness of how other children have different lives Expressing appreciation for family and friendsHow babies grow Understanding a baby’s needs Outside body changes Inside body changes Family stereotypes Challenging my ideas
8-9Being part of a class team Being a school citizen Rights, responsibilities and democracy (school council) Rewards and consequences Group decision-making Having a voice What motivates behaviourChallenging assumptions Judging by appearance Accepting self and others Understanding influences Understanding bullying Problem-solving Identifying how special and unique everyone is First impressionsHopes and dreams Overcoming disappointment Creating new, realistic dreams Achieving goals Working in a group Celebrating contributions Resilience Positive attitudesHealthier friendships Group dynamics Smoking Alcohol Assertiveness Peer pressure Celebrating inner strengthJealousy Love and loss Memories of loved ones Getting on and Falling Out Girlfriends and boyfriends Showing appreciation to people and animalsBeing unique Having a baby Girls and puberty Confidence in change Accepting change Preparing for transition Environmental change
9-10Planning the forthcoming year Being a citizen Rights and responsibilities Rewards and consequences How behaviour affects groups Democracy, having a voice, participatingCultural differences and how they can cause conflict Racism Rumours and name-calling Types of bullying Material wealth and happiness Enjoying and respecting other culturesFuture dreams The importance of money Jobs and careers Dream job and how to get there Goals in different cultures Supporting others (charity) MotivationSmoking, including vaping Alcohol Alcohol and anti-social behaviour Emergency aid Body image Relationships with food Healthy choices Motivation and behaviourSelf-recognition and self-worth Building self-esteem Safer online communities Rights and responsibilities online Online gaming and gambling Reducing screen time Dangers of online grooming SMARRT internet safety rulesSelf- and body image Influence of online and media on body image Puberty for girls Puberty for boys Conception (including IVF) Growing responsibility Coping with change Preparing for transition
10-11Identifying goals for the year Global citizenship Children’s universal rights Feeling welcome and valued Choices, consequences and rewards Group dynamics Democracy, having a voice Anti-social behaviour Role-modellingPerceptions of normality Understanding disability Power struggles Understanding bullying Inclusion/exclusion Differences as conflict, difference as celebration EmpathyPersonal learning goals, in and out of school Success criteria Emotions in success Making a difference in the world Motivation Recognising achievements ComplimentsTaking personal responsibility How substances affect the body Exploitation, including ‘county lines’ and gang culture Emotional and mental health Managing stressMental health Identifying mental health worries and sources of support Love and loss Managing feelings Power and control Assertiveness Technology safety Take responsibility with technology useelf-image Body image Puberty and feelings Conception to birth Reflections about change Physical attraction Respect and consent Boyfriends/girlfriends Sexting Transition to Y7

Senior School

Year GroupBeing Me in my WorldCelebrating DifferenceDreams & GoalsHealthy MeRelationshipsChanging Me
7Unique me, differences & conflict, my influences, gateway emotions, belonging to a group, peer pressure, peer on peer abuse, online safety, sexting, consequences, online legislationBullying, prejudice & discrimination (positive and negative), Equality Act, bystanders, stereotyping, challenging influences, negative behaviour and attitudes, peer on peer abuse, assertivenessCelebrating success, identifying goals, employment, learning from mistakes, overcoming challenges, planning skills, safe and unsafe choices, substances, gangs, knives, exploitation, emergency first aidStress and anxiety, managing mental health, physical activity and mental health, effects of substances, legal consequences, nutrition, sleep, vaccination and immunisation, importance of information on making health choicesCharacteristics of healthy relationships, consent, relationships and change, emotions within friendships, peer on peer abuse, rights and responsibilities, being discerning, assertiveness,sextingPuberty changes, Reproduction facts, FGM, breast flattening/ironing, responsibilities of parenthood, IVF, types of committed relationships, media and selfesteem, self-image, brain changes in puberty, factors affecting moods, sources of help and support
8self-identity, influences, family and identity, stereotypes, personal beliefs and judgements, managing expectations, first impressions, respect for the beliefs of others Marriage Protected characteristics Active listeningPositive change made by others, how positive behaviour affects feelings of wellbeing, social injustice, inequality, community cohesion and support, multiculturalism, diversity, race and religion, stereotypes, prejudice, LGBT+ bullying, peer on peer abuse hate crime, fear & emotions Stand up to bullying, the golden rule Organ and blood donationLong-term goals, skills, qualifications, careers, money and happiness, ethics and mental wellbeing, budgeting, variation in income, positive and negative impact of money, online safety and legal responsibilities, gambling issuesLong-term physical health, responsibility for own health, dental health, stress triggers and help tips, substances and mood, legislation associated with substances, exploitation and substances, county lines, medicine, vaccinations, immunisationPositive relationship with self, social media and relationship with self, negative self-talk, managing a range of relationships, peer on peer abuse, personal space, online etiquette, online privacy, bullying and personal safety, social media issues and the law, coercion, unhealthy balance of power in relationships, sources of supportTypes of close intimate relationships, physical attraction, love, legal status of relationships, behaviours in healthy and unhealthy romantic relationships, pornography, sexuality, alcohol and risky behaviour
9Perceptions about intimate relationships, consent, sexual exploitation, peer approval, peer on peer abuse, grooming, radicalisation, county lines, risky experimentation, positive and negative selfidentity, groups, influences, social media, abuse and coercion, coProtected characteristics, Equality Act, phobic and racist language, legal consequences of bullying and hate crime, sexism, ageism, positive and negative language, banter, peer on peer abuse, bullying in the workplace, direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation. Prejudice, discrimination and stereotypingPersonal strengths, health goals, SMART planning, the world of work, links between body image and mental health, non-financial dreams and goals, mental health and ill health, media manipulation, self-harm, selfesteem, stigma, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depressionMisperceptions about young peoples’ health choices, physical and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol, alcohol and the law, alcohol and drug poisoning, addiction, smoking, vaping, drug classification, supply and possession legislation, emergency situations, first aid, CPR, substances and safety, sources of advice and supportHealthy relationships, Power and control in intimate relationships, risk in intimate relationships, importance of sexual consent, peer on peer abuse, assertiveness skills, sex and the law, pornography and stereotypes, contraception choices, age of consent, family planning, consequences of unprotected sex, STIs, support and advice servicesMental health stigma, triggers, support strategies, managing emotional changes, resilience and how to improve it, reflection on importance of sleep in relation to mental health, reflection on changes, benefits of relaxation
10Human rights, societal freedom, understanding safety in UK and beyond, ending relationships safely, stages of grief, loss and bereavement, peer on peer abuse, social media and culture, use of online data, threats to online safety, online identity, assessing and managing risk, the law and social media Risk and emergency contacts Positive and negative relationshipsEquality including in the workplace, in society, in relationships Equality Act 2010 Vulnerable groups including disability and hidden disability Workplace expectations Rights and responsibilities Power and control in relationships, coercive control Benefits of multicultural societies Equity, equality and inequality My healthImpact of physical health in reaching goals, relationships and reaching goals, resilience, work/life balance, connections and impact on mental health, balanced diet, vital organs, blood donation, benefits of helping others, online profile and impact on future goals and employabilityImproving health, mental health, sexual health, blood-borne infections, self-examination, diet and long-term health, misuse of prescription drugs, substances and the body, common mental health disorders, positive impact of volunteering, common threats to health including chronic disease, epidemics, misuse of antibiotics Organ donation Stem cellsSustaining long-term relationships, intimacy, healthy relationship with self Attraction, love, lust Relationship choices, ending relationships safely, consequences of relationships ending e.g. bullying, peer on peer abuse, revenge porn, grief-cycle, Impact on family understanding love, fake news PornographyImpact of societal change on young people, role of media on societal change, reflection on change so far and how to manage it successfully, decision making, sexual identity gender, spectrum of sexuality, stereotypes in romantic relationships, sexual identity and risk, peer on peer abuse, physical and emotional changes, family change, sources of support
11Becoming an adult. Age limits and the law Relationships and the law, consent, coercive control, peer on peer abuse, domestic abuse, honour-based, violence, arranged and forced marriages The Equality Act 2010 The law on internet use and pornography Social media concerns, sexting Keeping safe, emergency situations, key advice, first aid, scenarios and consequencesAnxiety, solution focused thinking, sleep, relaxation, Aspiration on; career, finances, budgeting, borrowing, relationships, Skills identification, realistic goals, gambling, financial pressure, debt, dream jobs, skill set, employment, education and training options, long-term relationship dreams and goals, parenting skills and challenges, resilience, what to do when things go wrongManaging anxiety and stress, exam pressure, concentration strategies, worklife balance, sexual health, hygiene, selfexamination, STIs, sexual pressure, fertility issues, contraception, consent, peer on peer abuse, pregnancy facts and myths, pregnancy choices including adoption, abortion, bringing up a baby, financial implications, identifying a range of risks including rape and strategies for staying safe Expectations in relationshipsStages of intimate relationships, positive and negative connotations of sex, spectrum of gender and sexuality, LGBT+ rights and protection under the Equality Act, ‘coming out’ challenges, LGBT+ media stereotypes, peer on peer abuse, power, control and sexual experimentation, forced marriage, honour-based violence, FGM and other abuses, hate crime, sources of support