Pre-Prep Curriculum (Outdoor Learning)

Outdoor Learning

Pre-Prep Curriculum (Outdoor Learning)

Outdoor learning is embedded within the curriculum across the Pre-Prep.  All classes have immediate access to a dedicated and secure outdoor space, as well as Oberon, where they can further develop their curiosity and creativity, enhance their  problem solving and teamwork skills, and learn to respect nature.  In this natural, outdoor classroom, the children experience a wide range of activities designed to enrich their learning.  Some of these activities include exploratory walks, becoming bird detectives, building animal homes/bird feeders, and creating nature-inspired artwork. 

What Ofsted Said

  • Both the indoor and outdoor areas are exceptionally well resourced and are set up to provide vibrant and stimulating learning environments. "
  • Outside, children were seen playing exceptionally well together, exploring the outdoor world by riding on bikes, playing in the Wendy house or on the climbing equipment.  "

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