Pre-Prep Curriculum (Reception)

Pre-Prep Curriculum (Reception)

Our Reception unit is a place of adventure, growth and learning.  It is where the children’s natural curiosity is nurtured in an environment that promotes a love of learning, independence, co-operation and confidence.  Our exceptionally well-resourced indoor and outdoor setting, which includes a bicycle track, Wendy House, pond and mini-farm, provides vibrant activities that cater to our pupils’ needs.  With a mixture of teacher-led and child-initiated play-based learning opportunities, we encourage the children to become enthusiastic participants and communicators, who are able to think creatively and critically, actively contributing to their own learning.  From day one, we introduce children to Habits of Mind so that they begin to understand and develop the three characteristics of effective learners:- 

  • Playing and Exploring – engagement 
  • Active Learning – motivation 
  • Creating and Thinking Critically – thinking 

At Hall School Wimbledon, we offer a broad and balanced Early Years curriculum for our youngest pupils.  This Foundation Stage curriculum is based upon the seven areas of learning and development. 

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
  • Communication and Language  
  • Physical Development 
  • Literacy  
  • Mathematics  
  • Understanding the World  
  • Expressive Arts and Design  

These subjects underpin all future learning by supporting and fostering the children's personal, social and emotional wellbeing.   

What Ofsted Said

  • Ofsted
    The early years provision is impressive as a result of highly effective leadership, demonstrating excellent knowledge of how children of this age learn and develop. This knowledge is used well, alongside information about children’s learning and progress, to identify the provision’s strengths and areas for development. "
  • There is an excellent balance of child-initiated and adult-led activities. All are challenging, motivating and engage children’s imagination. Relationships between adults and children are exceptionally strong; adults know just when to supplement children’s learning through questioning, task extension and modelling.  "
  • Ofsted
    Children now make exceptional progress from their starting points because the learning is so well tailored to their developmental needs."
  • Ofsted
    Outstanding provision in the early years prepares children for Year 1 exceptionally well. "

Specialist staff complement our Early Years curriculum. Art, Dance, French, Music and Physical Education lessons enhance the learning experience of our youngest pupils.  In addition, the curriculum provides a variety of educational and imaginative experiences, such as:  

  • Australia Day 
  • Cooking  
  • Christmas Carousel of Creative Activities 
  • Drama on Wimbledon Common 
  • Easter Festivities  
  • Excursions 
  • Guest Speakers  
  • Junior School Art Exhibition  
  • Local Walks  
  • Nativity Play  
  • One Hundredth Day at School  
  • Sports Morning  
  • Spring and Summer Music Concerts  
  • World Book Day  

Our highly-skilled Reception staff develop the curriculum in line with the children’s development, needs and interests. They use observations of children’s learning and achievements to inform their planning.  Planning is differentiated in all areas of learning and activities are planned to aid smooth transitions, continuity and progression.  

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