Pre-Prep Curriculum (Years One and Two)

Pre-Prep Curriculum (Years One and Two)

As pupils graduate from the Early Years, we continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that draws on the best components of the National Curriculum. Our curriculum presents learners with new challenges and opportunities and aims to equip the children with the skills to become problem solvers and enthusiastic, lifelong learners.  

Most subjects are taught by their class teacher.  These include, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, PSHE and Religious Studies. In addition to these more academic studies, children are also taught Art, Dance, French, Music and Physical Education by specialist teachers. We foster an all-inclusive approach so lessons are tailored to the developmental stage of each child. 

In Years One and Two, we build on the learners’ strengths, interests and experiences both inside and outside school, through providing a range of enriching experiences, such as:  

  • Africa Day 
  • British Isles Day 
  • Chinese New Year Day 
  • Christmas Carousel of Creative Activities 
  • Drama Workshops 
  • Dance Workshops
  • Easter Festivities  
  • Outings
  • Guest Speakers  
  • Nativity Play 
  • Outdoor Classroom Day  
  • Sports Morning  
  • Spring and Summer Music Concerts  
  • Trips to Oberon
  • World Book Day  
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Assemblies are an important aspect of the Pre-Prep curriculum.  They are formal occasions, which foster the development of a collective spirit. They provide an excellent public setting in which to celebrate successes and commend core values and dispositions, such as kindness, persistence, responsible risk-taking and so on, and to reward them with a weekly ‘Outstanding Bee’ certificate.  To conclude the term, the children host an assembly for parents, where they showcase what they have learnt.  This provides an opportunity for the children to practise speaking with clarity and performing confidently in front of an audience. 

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