Hall School Wimbledon

Independent co-education from 4 to 16


Hall School Wimbledon Junior School (Beavers Holt) is located in Putney Vale with
a gate opening onto Wimbledon Common. Catering for around 250 children from Reception to Year 6 (aged 4-11 years),
the Junior School provides a happy and supportive environment in which our younger pupils thrive.

All classrooms enjoy a tree-filled vista and internal spaces have been designed to provide a relaxed yet inspiring environment. Wimbledon Common provides an outdoor classroom for the school and is regularly used by teachers for many projects – from collecting leaves for creating family trees in Year 1 to re-enacting the Battle of Hastings in Year 6.

The spacious grounds of the Junior School include two playgrounds, a traversing climbing wall, and an American Garden, which serves as a place of reflection and commemoration.

The early years provide a firm foundation for education with an emphasis on multi-sensory learning and first-hand experience. For our Reception children, we have created an indoor-outdoor environment that provides adequate space for free movement and varied learning activities.

The classroom opens onto timber decking that hosts the sand and water tables and overlooks four interconnecting elliptical ponds. A viewing gap for the children offers a window onto the burgeoning aquatic life and provides a range of exciting educational opportunities. A two-lane bike track, including road traffic signs and a zebra crossing, offers an opportunity for the children to learn about road safety, and the remaining space incorporates a hopscotch grid, a quiet reading area beneath the trees, a playhouse, and a workshop housing the bikes and play tools.

As the children move through the school, their individual strengths are nurtured and every child is encouraged to reach his or her potential. Our broad and balanced curriculum ensures that all children are given the chance to shine and all achievements are valued and celebrated.