Hall School Wimbledon

Independent co-education from 4 to 16

Life at HSW

Life at Hall School Wimbledon is designed to be stimulating, hard work and good fun. It is about the development of the individual and the fulfilling of potential.

We believe that children are more likely to succeed if they are happy and we do our best to ensure that all Hall School Wimbledon children are happy, secure and fulfilled throughout their lives at the school.

Our timetables are designed to provide a school day that includes active learning in a variety of subjects, regular breaks, a Games period and a healthy and nutritious lunch. Lessons that are more esoteric will be followed by classes that offer the opportunity to be creative and active in order to ensure a good balance throughout the day.

Our homework involves short achievable tasks that revise and test the lessons of the day and is limited to 45 minutes each evening to ensure that it does not interfere with the evening meal, conversation and relaxation. Weekends are kept ‘homework free’ to make sure that children can rest, recover and enjoy family life.

At Hall School Wimbledon, there is a lot of laughter and fun and always something to look forward to. At Easter, there is an egg painting competition and an Easter egg hunt followed by ‘jarping’ on Wimbledon Common – to ‘jarp’ is to roll a hard boiled egg down a hill for as many times as it survives uncracked. Easter eggs are awarded to the last two eggs that survive the jarp. At Christmas, pupils enjoy a Christmas feast and Father Christmas visits, bringing presents for every Hall School Wimbledon child. And then there are birthday cakes, pancake races, street parties, school productions and a variety of trips, all of which give levity to school life.