Education Model

Education Model

Hall School Wimbledon prides itself on its family-feel community where every pupil is an individual whose thoughts and ideas are respected and encouraged for the benefit of the school at large. Every child is part of an inclusive, co-educational community, where the international nature of the pupil body is welcomed and promoted, where different cultures and religions flourish side by side, allowing all pupils to gain a wider understanding of the global world they live in and will eventually determine.

Supporting all of this is an inspiring educational programme, allowing breadth and challenge, pushing every pupil to reach to their limits and beyond.  Small classes and dedicated staff create opportunities for pupils of all abilities to discover their potential in all areas of the curriculum, arts, music or sport. With huge investment in technology, new buildings, a Sixth Form (from September 2020), an arts studio, and sports facilities, now is the time to be part of this family!



•      Critical & Analytical Thinking
•      Developing the Mind
•      Discovering learning can be fun
•      Learning by doing
•      Multicultural


•      Self-learners
•      Passion for knowledge
•      Learning to be resilient
•      Living British values
•      Bridging projects through collaboration


  • Arts
  • Developing imagination
  • Expressing ideas
  • Understanding wider culture
  • Building self-confidence

We promote a learning culture that values independence and engagement, with teachers encouraging pupils to maintain a healthy balance between school and home life – we believe it is very important to have an open three-way relationship between pupils, parents and teachers.

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