Ethos – Aims and Values



Hall School Wimbledon is an inclusive school, where every pupil is celebrated for who he or she is. We pride ourselves on spotting and nurturing the talents of all our pupils, enabling each one to be the best they can be.  At Hall School Wimbledon pupils have an incredibly broad range of achievements in academia and sports, music and dance, art and literature – the list goes on.

Our teachers have an impressive track record of results, made ever richer by the diversity of their own backgrounds  They include a GB champion rower, a former spy, an Australian farmer, a fluent Welsh speaker and several business leaders turned teachers. A number have studied Masters or PhDs, and many are currently engaged in further studies.


Every child is valued and treated as an individual at Hall School Wimbledon; our intimate campus  situated in the heart of Wimbledon fosters a relaxed informality, although naturally, good old-fashioned manners are strongly endorsed.

Pastoral care is central to what we do; every pupil has a Class Teacher or Head of Year whom they can confide in, while senior pupils also have Personal Tutors to provide holistic guidance on their studies and their onward journey.


From the earliest days at Hall School Wimbledon, we have sought to think differently about education without forgetting the basics of learning and teaching.  Throughout the school, we offer an exciting and broad curriculum to every single child in our care. By the time that pupils leave us, we aim to have nurtured confident, empowered and globally-minded young people, who are equipped to lead society through the challenges of our times.

With a thoughtful balance between academic teaching and co-curricular activities, supported with personalised pastoral care, we aim to create a fully rounded educational experience that will allow your child’s future to take flight.


From the very outset of this school, Hall School Wimbledon has educated girls and boys together. Hall School Wimbledon is the only school, either independent or state, in Wimbledon to offer full co-education all the way from ages 5 to 18.

In order to prepare children towards outstanding futures in the modern world, we believe that girls and boys should be educated as one. If we are to raise young adults who are committed to striving for equality around the world, this begins at school by instilling values of mutual respect through thoughtful lessons in the classroom, and encouraging cooperation and collaboration between boys and girls across school life. It is our duty as educators to show, through our words and deeds, that together, we are stronger.


Education Model

The School follows an educational model that focuses on inclusive learning, independent thinking, creativity, global leadership and wellbeing, with examples detailed below of how this is achieved.


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