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Our pupils have fully risen to the challenge of online learning and the dedication of our teachers, in adapting work to suit this new normal, has been superb. The pupils have immersed in their learning and created fantastic work, showing exceptional resilience, even in Lockdown 3.0.

HSW provided a full live online timetable for pupils when in lockdown. The school continues to use Google Classroom as a technological resource for pupils who are isolating due to Covid-19.

Parents' feedback - Survey Lockdown 3.0

'Commitment and Passion'

'The Teacher's effort is amazing.'

'Maintaining a high standard despite the challenges. Good quantity of face to face.'
'Consistent timetable, clarity around work in class.'

'Engaging teachers, who strive to include everyone and give everyone the chance to answer and participate.'

'It is a completely different experience compared to his previous school. It is clear to us that there is thought and preparation behind each class. Thank you!'
'Thanks to the dedication of the HSW staff, the transition to online learning has been incredibly smooth. I think the teachers have got the balance absolutely right between time spent on meet and time spent doing independent work. I feel that my son really benefits from the time spent with his teachers and peers. He obviously misses seeing his friends and teachers in person but he is still keen to go to school and is enthusiastic about what he is learning. Occasionally he gets anxious when he is unsure about the work but the teachers are always on hand to offer reassurance, support and understanding. I am extremely grateful to the whole team and couldn’t be happier with my son's experience so far. Thank you so much to everyone.'
'All lessons are very well taught. Teachers are brilliant at keeping the children engaged and encouraged.'
'The lessons are engaging and the workload is well balanced. I really appreciate all the efforts the teachers are making to keep providing good quality education for the children despite these very challenging circumstances for everyone. Thank you'
'Organised timetable, teacher engagement: I think it’s amazing that the children have so much video contact with their teachers. It really helps! Compared to last lockdown, our son has been able to mostly manage his school day on his own. I’m sure he has also gotten used to online learning and found his way around the computer, but I do think the online learning provision is much improved since last time, making it much easier for the children. Well done and thank you!'
'I think the teachers are doing a fantastic job at encouraging the children to keep on learning and showing an understanding of the challenges of online learning.'

'I think the school day feels very full and a lot of learning is taking place.'

'I think the breaks between lessons are excellent at re-energising the children as a long day in front of the screen can get draining.'
'Communication from the school is exceptional and we feel very confident and informed.'

'The structured timetable, set tasks with each lesson and subject keep him focused. Short breaks between each lesson, gives him time to refocus. No distractions and the clear expectations in regards to learning during this time. I am really impressed with the timetable and his continual learning. We also really enjoy the newsletter, which keeps us updated with things at HSW. Thank you!'
'Thank you for adapting so quickly to online learning again, and for keeping everything running so smoothly.'
'Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the students. I know it’s a hard time for everyone but the teaching has been excellent.'
'Given all of the challenges I think the teachers and the school are doing a wonderful job supporting the kids and enabling their learning to continue as close to normal as possible.'
'The teachers are so positive and a great influence for good.'
'Great to see the screen-free day in Feb!'
'We have been very impressed with the level of teaching our daughter has been receiving. It's such a huge difference to what she received at her previous school. We feel that she is still learning and most importantly she is enjoying all her classes! We have no issues getting her login everyday! Thanks to all the staff for organising and providing the online lessons!'
'Teachers on hand for help and support .'

'They always reply promptly to emails from parents and keep us informed of our children’s progress. Lessons seem easy to follow.'
'The online offering is well organised and mirrors the school day as well as is possible. I am grateful for the regular contact with teachers and the fact that we are immediately informed when homework is overdue.'
'I commend the teachers and administrative staff for such their Herculean efforts.'

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