Pastoral Care and Wellbeing


Happy children through a caring nurturing pastoral system.

Your son or daughter’s wellbeing is central to their academic and creative growth. Every pupil at Hall School Wimbledon has a Class Teacher or Head of Year whom they can confide in, and senior pupils also have a Personal Tutor who oversees their academic, moral and pastoral progress.

Our approach recognises each pupil’s unique qualities and provides them with the specific care, attention and support they require at each stage of their school life. Ultimately, when pupils leave Hall School Wimbledon, they are emotionally and socially mature.

Well-Being Hub

Young people today have to make their way through a complex and ever-changing world, facing numerous challenges and pressures.  We are determined to play our role in helping them to navigate it by promoting good mental health as well as physical wellbeing. 

Hall School Wimbledon has it’s own Well-Being Hub’  - a safe, open and welcoming space where children can go for information, a chat or some space and time to think.   The Hub is stocked with up to date guidance and books on a wide range of topics.

Parents are also welcome to visit the Hub if they need advice on issues ranging from ‘screen time’ to ‘dealing with loss’ or if they need a friendly ear and a cup of tea.  

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