Media Studies

Media Studies

Media Studies is taught at GCSE at Hall School Wimbledon. The department consists of one specialist teacher who has over 20 years of experience teaching and examining both English and Media. Our aim is for pupils to reach and exceed their potential in academic attainment, but also to learn to work independently and within a team, and to understand how to communicate through a variety of platforms. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with Media and with concepts such as ‘fake news’, we believe that this subject is vital to understanding the world and one’s individual place in it.

Results at Hall School Wimbledon in Media Studies are consistently high with the 2019 GCSE cohort attaining 100% 9-4 compared with a national average of 68.2%. Our pupils achieved 33.3% 9-7 against a national picture of 17.9%.

The subject empowers pupils to succeed through its subject matter but also through its focus upon visual as well as verbal communication. Many of our previous students have gone on to study Media in academic or vocational courses and many are now working within the industry. Past pupils have gone on to a variety of destinations including the Global Academy and the London Screen Academy.

At GCSE work is focused around four key concepts: representation, audiences, industry and the language of the media. For GCSE, pupils will undertake one non-exam assessment (coursework) and two examinations at the end of Year 11.

Students are encouraged to extend their work beyond the classroom through reading and using a range of media sources to gather research as well as being given the opportunity to develop their knowledge of a range of software such as Pixelmator.

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