Hall School Wimbledon

Independent co-education from 4 to 16


Drama is a popular and dynamic feature of the Hall School Wimbledon curriculum and every child has a role to play in the school’s annual performances up until Year 10.

All pupils in Years 7 to 9 have weekly Drama lessons. The younger pupils develop their confidence in performing and explore basic scripts before moving on to learn specific drama techniques such as thought tracking, hot-seating, and the use of tableaus (freeze frames) in Year 8.

In Year 9, pupils will learn about more sophisticated drama techniques such as split scenes, cross cutting, monologue and soliloquy. They study a variety of scripts, including Shakespeare and a modern playwright, culminating in a performance for parents.


Sound of Music performanceThroughout the year, pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9, and those taking GCSE Drama, will perform in front of fellow pupils and their parents. Every child will have a role to play whether it is on the stage or assisting with the staging and lighting.

In the Easter Term 2015 Year 8Y performed in a musical production of Bugsy Malone. News from the performance and photographs are available to view on the website here.

In the Christmas Term 2013, Year 9W performed Shakespeare’s The Tempest. A member of the cast, Joe, comments on the play:

9W Shakespeare PerformanceThe opening scene was very dramatic, with the entire cast hauling at imaginary ropes to lower invisible sails as Prospero thumped his wooden staff on the stage, summoning the storm. In amongst the drama and tension, there were moments of comedy to lighten the mood…I thought the choice of costume was striking; the whole cast wearing chinos and black t-shirts with clever use of make up to distinguish between the native islanders and the shipwrecked crew.

GCSE Drama

Drama is an optional GCSE subject for pupils who wish to explore the creative and structural aspects of drama, study plays and perform in front of an audience. Hall School Wimbledon follows the Edexcel GCSE course, which combines practical workshops with written coursework.

The course provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to develop their communication skills and increase their confidence.