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Stunning Results 2018!

We are delighted to start the new academic year with excellent news of HSW pupil achievements at I/GCSE and in LAMDA examinations. Perhaps the two are connected?! LAMDA principles chime with our own. It is our aim to cultivate the confidence of each child and to develop their ability to be articulate, to form opinions and communicate them clearly in their speech and to take pleasure in the spoken word. A child that is able to hold his or her own in conversation and debate, and to do so with joy and consideration, is surely best placed to take public examinations in their stride and to achieve fantastic results.

Best I/GCSE results ever!
I am pleased to report another outstanding set of results from this summer’s I/GCSE examinations. Not only have they, once again, “been much higher than the local and national average” Ofsted Report 2017, but they are our best ever! This summer saw the first examinations in the second tranche of ‘reformed’ GCSE courses, following last year’s examinations of the reformed English and Mathematics courses. Letter grades have been replaced by number grades, introduced to differentiate between candidates at the top of the ability range, for all reformed subjects. The old A*/A has been replaced by grades 9, 8 and 7, with 9 being viewed as higher than the previous A*. The ‘pass’ grade of C has been replaced by grade 4. In future, all subjects will be graded numerically.

Overall 38% of our results were graded at 9-7 or A*-A, compared with the national figure of 21%, and 96% were graded at 9-4 or A*- C, compared with the national figure of 69%. 9% of our examinations were awarded the very top grade of 9, compared with the national figure of 4%.

More than 30% of 11Y pupils achieved at least one grade 9, but the following children have done particularly well: Hannah Howlison achieved 11 I/GCSEs, ten of which were at 9-7 or A*-A, Finley Costello achieved 10 I/GSCEs, all graded at 9-7 or A*-A, Thomas Jevtic achieved 10 I/GCSEs, including three graded at 9, four at A* and two at A and Piotr Wojciechowski achieved 11 I/GCSEs including four graded at 9, two at A* and three at A. Congratulations not only to these individuals, but to all 11Y pupils; their hard work delivered the magnificent figure of 100% of HSW pupils achieving the national benchmark of 5 or more I/GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above.

Congratulations, too, to our 10Z pupils who sat language GCSEs. All were graded at 9 or A*!

Best LAMDA results ever!
The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations were introduced to the school fourteen years ago. To date hundreds of our pupils have taken nearly 1000 examinations and have enjoyed 100% success rate.

LAMDA examinations are rooted in improving standards of communication through the spoken word. Performing prose and poetry from memory develops poise, focus and strong presentation skills. The children learn to convey the meaning and humour of their chosen pieces through effective posture, appropriate facial and vocal expression and to develop a rich, audible speaking voice and clear, precise diction. They learn to have an awareness of the rhythm and shape of the spoken lines and to talk maturely and concisely about their chosen pieces. These critical skills enhance the children’s self-confidence to contribute fully and, ultimately, plays a part in helping them to fulfil their potential.

This year, 29 children from Years 4F, 5E and 6D entered the LAMDA Speaking of Verse and Prose Examinations at different levels, from Entry to Grade 3. Once again we are delighted to share that the candidates achieved a superb set of results. Isobel Purchon (4F) was awarded an impressive mark of 99% for her Entry Grade examination. Nonetheless, she was not alone in achieving such distinguished marks – 80% of pupils who took the examinations in June passed with Distinction while the rest passed with very high Merit.

I congratulate all 29 candidates for the commitment, hard work and enjoyment they showed whilst preparing for the examinations: they fully deserve their success.