The aim of our history syllabus is to inspire the children to explore the past through studying past events and people from their own lives and the more distant past beyond dates and facts. Through stories, examining artefacts, watching videos and visits to historical sites, they are guided towards developing a sound historical vocabulary and the investigative and analytical skills necessary to make judgments from examining sources and evidence.

As the children progress through the school and increase their factual knowledge, they are taught to carry out historical enquiries and to explain change and link past events. Selecting and organising information in a logical and structured way using appropriate vocabulary, is developed progressively from Years 3 to 6

In Year 3, the children study the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks after learning how to place the major historical periods (starting with the Stone Age, on a timeline). They engage in simple historical enquiry by examining sources and artefacts and learn about the effect of differing viewpoints.

Year 4 begin their journey into British history of invasion and settlement by studying the Celts and Romans Britain. They begin to use the skills of enquiry, deduction and inference independently to discover and explain how these people lived and their lasting influence on Britain today.

The Year 5s and 6s continue the Invaders and Settlers theme by focusing on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings in Britain leading to the Norman Invasion. In the latter half of Year 6, the children hone their skills of historical enquiry by examining, independently, their family history and undertake an investigation into local history.

Books, visits to interesting sites, videos and photographs are used to inspire the children and enhance their enjoyment of this subject.

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