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Welcome to Hall School Wimbledon

A warm welcome to Hall School Wimbledon, a dynamic and vibrant place of learning occupying a magical campus in the heart of Wimbledon. 

Here at HSW, we are very proud to be a non-selective school, precisely because we know that innate ability comes in many forms, extending far beyond the narrow metric of academic assessment. We don’t just ask ‘How smart are you?’, rather we pose the question, ‘How are you smart?’ Our cherished pupils make up a lively community of budding scientists, artists, dancers, authors, carers, musicians and athletes, all sharing a spirit of adventure and a thirst for knowledge. We work hard to enable every one of us to find our ‘element’ and to feel valued for who we are and the unique contribution we bring to the school. Many pupils will discover talents at HSW which they never knew they had, such is the privilege and pleasure of working here. 

There is a buzz about the place, and so there should be; we believe that school should be a place where joyful memories are made and lifelong friendships are forged. We are united in our resolve to champion the deep-down-things that make learning and living together worthwhile. Our pupils’ jerseys bear the letters HSW, a daily reminder that for any of us to flourish and become the best version of ourselves, first we must look after our Health and Self-Worth. We constantly view the ‘whole child’ in front of us because we know that from self-worth comes self-discipline, which ultimately enables us all to reach our full potential. 

Our school is small enough to act as a family in which we all know each other well, and we notice when we have our ups and our downs. Our culture, woven into the fabric of our school and influencing our daily interactions, is built on strong foundations of love and mutual respect. Our pastoral care is supremely important to us and our dedicated staff see the health and self-worth of their pupils as integral to their future success.   

To achieve our goal of enabling outstanding futures for every one of our pupils, we work hard to deliver a broad and ambitious curriculum, tailored to the individual talents and tendencies of our pupils. Intellectual curiosity is championed here, alongside creativity, digital literacy and global citizenship. We are an inclusive school fashioned for the future, guided by traditional values.

We benefit greatly from the support and friendship of the Chatsworth Schools group – a family of like-minded schools who share our vision for enabling outstanding futures by nurturing and promoting the learning and welfare of every child in our care. 

We invite you to browse this website and see all the great things happening here every day. You will see images of smiling faces and action-packed lessons; but to truly experience the buzz of being here, we encourage you to pay us a visit, where you will receive the warmest of welcomes from us all.


Head's Blog

14th May 2022

Head’s blog – 13th May

The test of any good school, in my opinion, is the nature of the relationships that play out within it:  how students interact with their teachers, […]
9th May 2022

Head’s blog – 6th May

Standing on the gate every morning, welcoming our students and staff, is a pleasure. It is especially enjoyable on Tuesdays and Fridays when our fabulous drum […]
1st May 2022

Head’s blog – 29th April

I am so proud of our Year 11 students. They have conducted themselves with such maturity and have shown real grit during this long climb to the […]
22nd April 2022

Head’s blog – 22nd April

I have always thought we should rename schools ‘Adventure Centres’. As well as its cheerful assonance, such a title appeals because it suggests something active, dynamic, […]
7th April 2022

Head’s blog – 1st April

Well, we made it to the chequered flag. There are so many highlights for me in what has been my first complete term at HSW. Ours […]
26th March 2022

Head’s blog –25th March

My job, when you boil it down, is to put passionate experts in front of your children, and then to support them so they have all […]
18th March 2022

Head’s blog –18th March

What a productive week this has been. The Open Morning was a tremendous success and I would like to give special thanks to all my colleagues […]
11th March 2022

Head’s blog –11th March

‘How should we prepare our students for the future?’ It’s a question always on our minds, as teachers. Naturally, we want to equip our learners with […]
5th March 2022

Head’s blog –4th March

Sports lessons are always exciting to watch, and when they feature a dinosaur competing against a bright green alien, they become a memorable spectacle indeed. Such […]
1st March 2022

Head’s blog –25th February

As I shared in assembly this week, optimism is a place I choose to live in, most of the time. On the occasions when I wake […]
16th February 2022

Head’s blog – 11th February

Well, it has certainly been a busy few weeks since Christmas. My thanks to all the staff for their continued dedication and hard work, arriving in […]
4th February 2022

Head’s blog – 4th February

Teamwork makes the dream work: it’s a hackneyed old chestnut but it’s true, and we saw two fine examples of this from our talented rugby and […]
28th January 2022

Head’s blog – 28th Jan

It was a privilege to sit down with pupils this week to launch our brand new podcast, Wimbledon Calling. In this first episode I was interviewed […]
21st January 2022

Head’s blog – 21st Jan

One of the things I love most about working in education is being present when a student finds their element – when they discover that ‘thing’ […]
14th January 2022

Head’s blog- 14th Jan

One of the most important ingredients for a good education is space. Pupils need space to grow, space to think, space to experiment and space to […]
7th January 2022

Head’s Blog – 7th January

May I wish everyone a very Happy New Year! It has been a productive and exciting start to the term and wonderful to see everyone again. Seeing […]
10th December 2021

Head’s Blog 10th Dec

It has been a pleasure to meet many families this week, both at the Head’s Talks I have been running recently and at the marvellous Christmas Carol Service […]
3rd December 2021

Head’s Blog – 3rd Dec

It may have been bitterly cold outside this week, but our corridors and classrooms have been warmed by the restorative sound of voices singing, as we […]
26th November 2021

Head’s blog- 26th Nov

One of the great privileges of working in a school is to see and experience the synergy that can be conjured up magically when a team […]
19th November 2021

Head’s Blog- 19th Nov

Our school is built on kindness; we treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves. This kindness has been especially important this week as […]
5th November 2021

Head’s Blog – 5th Nov

Well, what an exciting week it has been. I want to thank everyone for the very warm welcome I have received. This is a truly unique […]

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