The Music Department at Hall school Wimbledon offers a wide range of co-curricular activities to complement the academic curriculum with experiences and opportunities beyond the formal classroom. These are an integral and essential part of an all-round holistic education, where we recognise that individuals flourish in a supportive environment in which all their abilities and talents are acknowledged and encouraged. Pupils have the opportunity to shape the co-curriculum and students take leading roles in running co-curricular activities. Outstanding contribution is recognised through the school house system.

Music clubs and groups: Choir - 8.25am on Wednesdays. Jazz Band and Orchestra - 8.25am Thursday, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. Performance opportunities include half termly concerts, the School Carol service, open days, the Creative Arts showcase and House Music Festival at the end of the year. School plays also enhance each term with a variety of acts including Shakespeare plays, classic plays like The Lord of the Flies and occasional musicals.

Pupils also have the opportunity to attend a range of music festivals, including the Wimbledon International Festival and theatre plays locally and in London.

Hall School Wimbledon Co Curricular 7

Cross-curricular events (Music, Art and PE) include "Brazil Day" with the theme of Carnival for year 7, where pupils take part in Samba drumming, mask making and Capoiera and have a Brazilian themed lunch.

House Music Competition - Film music is one of the highlights of the year and brings considerable amounts of enjoyment and music to the life of the school.

The Art and Photography department play a very active part in school life. Whether through keynote speakers, the gifted artists group, exhibitions at the end of the year or the art that decorates the school itself, HSW is a hub of creativity.

Hall School Wimbledon offers a varied activity programme for its pupils. The programme provides opportunities to try something new, discover a new skill or interest or simply to pursue and develop an existing hobby. We believe that every child has strengths and many have hidden talents; our challenge as teachers and educators is to unlock and then nurture them. The enrichment  programme is a key vehicle in enabling this process, as well as in helping our pupils to become more confident and self-motivated.

Trips and residential outings also form an integral in the development of the pupils as individuals and as global citizens. Our offering includes Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver, Geography field trips, a yearly ski trip and other residential trips to the coast in the South of England.

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