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What pupils say

The Hall School Wimbledon experience has made me a hard working individual and has given me a solid foundation for further education.

— Tom, Year 11

The Hall School Wimbledon is a way of life; it becomes a part of you.

— Jonathan, Year 11

The food at Hall School Wimbledon is delicious! And every birthday, we get a chocolate cake with a soft toy on top.

— Zac, Year 4

I like the fact that we have homework every day but not on the weekends.

— Joey, Year 5

The days are long but they are days to remember.

— Sean, Year 9

I like the Hall School Wimbledon because of the friendly atmosphere and family like community. I like it because I feel like I can always find someone to help.

— Manon, Year 10

Since I have been at Hall School Wimbledon, I have most enjoyed the food, sledging on the common, making sushi with the Headmaster and the Easter egg competition.

— Matthew, Year 4

The many field trips have made Hall School Wimbledon a memorable part of my childhood.

— Phillipe, Year 11

There are so many sports at HSW; it’s like being at the Olympics!

— Freddie, Year 9

One of the things I love about HSW is the Drama department. We do a play every year and everyone is included.

— Flossie, Year 8

We have a great music department at HSW. We can learn to play many different instruments including piano, clarinet, drums, guitar, trombone and violin.

— Elle, Year 9

Art at HSW is stimulating and fun – the teachers help to bring out the creativity in us.

— Oliver, Year 9

Every time I leave school to go home, I have learned at least five new interesting things.

— Nick, Year 9

I like the great field trips that our amazing Headmaster takes us on.

— Isabella, Year 6

I joined the Beavers Holt Times club because I like interviewing people! We write reports on current events happening at school and also include jokes and puzzles in the newsletter.

— Arabella, Year 6

I love that we get to use the common for our Games lessons. I have been here since Reception and I have always loved the sports.

— Florence, Year 6

I love the Drama lessons. Year after year we get to do a play.

— Joey, Year 5

I like Art because we get to paint pictures and make things for our mummies and daddies.

— Danny, Year 1

When we were learning about fractions, we made pizzas that we cut into halves and quarters. It made the Maths lesson very exciting.

— Benedict, Year 3

The best thing about HSW is the friendly and supportive environment and, most importantly, the close relationships created with the teachers.

— Alice, Year 11

The teachers always have time for each and every pupil.

— Will, Year 11

I wake up every morning remembering that my life involves HSW and I am proud.

— Will, Year 10

I like HSW because the teachers are really helpful and they all know who you are – even the Headmaster.

— Charlie, Year 10

HSW is a lovely school. I love the cakes, the field trips and that we are right next to Wimbledon Common. But most of all, I love the family atmosphere. HSW is like one big family and all your friends and teachers look out for you.

— Harry, Year 6

I really like HSW because of all the special things we do – when it’s a child’s birthday, they get a birthday cake from the Headmaster.

— Sophie, Year 5

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