A journey to adulthood

Being a small community, we can get to know each and every student well – identifying their preferred learning styles, their innate talents and inclinations, and their career aspirations. But being small does not mean a reduced experience, quite the contrary. We will create space here, physical, social and cerebral, for our young adults to flex and grow, to find out who they are. We will be offering them many opportunities to experience life outside school – through bespoke educational trips and visits, work placements and inspiring lectures by speakers from a diverse range of careers and backgrounds.

We will not be requiring our sixth formers to wear school uniform like their fellow students; we will be recommending smart casual attire, and we will be providing them with an exclusive study area and common room, in which they can revise and study, conduct independent research and spend time together as a team.

The years after sixth form bring many exciting opportunities, from university life, to apprenticeships, internships and the world of work. We believe it is essential that our sixth formers are ready for whatever their next steps may be, so we will provide them with the chance to develop life skills and enjoy life experiences, all within the safe perimeters of a nurturing school, and with the support of our parents and carers, with whom we work in partnership at all times.