English as an Additional Language


At Hall School Wimbledon, it is our aim to ensure that all of our students have a positive experience in their EAL lessons, whether they are timetabled as one-to-one sessions or taught as part of a small group in class.  We form close and supportive working relationships with our EAL students, which enables us to tailor lessons to suit individual needs. 


We will work with the student when they arrive at Hall School Wimbledon to determine their language level.  If they are found to need one-to-one sessions or small group support, lessons will be timetabled accordingly. Students will also be supported so they develop accuracy in speaking and writing, as well as developing listening and reading skills.  We want to develop their language skills so that it does not impact on any aspect of their academic performance.


There will be regular assessments throughout the course of the academic year. Students will be assessed through a number of different tasks and in the form of writing activities, listening and reading comprehension tasks, speaking activities, plus presentations. The main goal of the assessments is to monitor the progress of each student so that they make individual progress through our 4 stages of English as an Additional Language acquisition. Our aim is to ensure that all our students leave Hall School Wimbledon with an open mind, a positive memory of their EAL lessons and the grade they need to study at the university of their choice.

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