At HSW, we believe that our culture – how we do things around here – has a significant impact on the attitudes, behaviours and capacities of everyone in our learning community. How we learn is as important as what we learn. It is not just what we know that counts, it is what we can do with what we know – and this is inextricably linked to how we feel.

Whilst our curriculum delivers knowledge and skills, it is our positive and nurturing culture that helps our students to feel confident and empowered to become independent, lifelong learners. Our culture is underpinned by our vision:

At Hall School Wimbledon we deliver a contemporary and inclusive education in a caring environment, empowering all pupils to flourish and become independent learners for life. 

This vision is delivered through our values, which influence everything we do, every day. 

How we lift these values from the page is what matters. We champion our values at every opportunity – in assemblies, in lessons and in the positive interactions and conversations that play out between our staff and pupils every day. 

Together, we work hard to create a safe and stimulating environment that recognises every individual and creates a space for them to grow and flourish. Our culture does not happen by accident, rather it is the result of our intentional steps to maintain a warm and friendly place of learning, and to recognise the valuable contributions of every individual here.

Every school is a values-based organisation. What makes us different, is how we live these values and how we record their impact on the personal and academic development of our cherished pupils. 

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Health & Self-worth

We aim to build a nurturing environment in which all pupils feel safe and valued.
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Lifelong Learning

We strive to enable all pupils to become independent thinkers and self-organised learners - for life
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Positive Well-being

We promote kindness, good humour and a calm sense of perspective.
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We seek to know every pupil well and create a family atmosphere.
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We recognise and celebrate our different beliefs, faiths, cultures and backgrounds, talents and character. We treat every child as an individual.
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We aim to provide multiple opportunities for pupils to find their different talents, interests and motivations.
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We encourage creative thinking, experimentation and problem-solving.
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Intellectual Curiosity

We foster our pupils’ curiosity and promote a thirst for knowledge and understanding.


From the very outset of this school, Hall School Wimbledon has educated girls and boys together. Hall School Wimbledon is the only school, either independent or state, in Wimbledon to offer full co-education all the way from ages 9 to 18.

In order to prepare children towards outstanding futures in the modern world, we believe that girls and boys should be educated as one. If we are to raise young adults who are committed to striving for equality around the world, this begins at school by instilling values of mutual respect through thoughtful lessons in the classroom, and encouraging cooperation and collaboration between boys and girls across school life. It is our duty as educators to show, through our words and deeds, that together, we are stronger.

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