Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education and Sport

PE and Sport at HSW is about enjoyment, achievement and success through diverse opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment. Our ethos is all about instilling in children a love of sport and personal improvement.

Children’s achievements are celebrated whether they top a ‘personal best’ in cross-country, master a skill they have found difficult in tennis, or win an inter-school football tournament. Whatever their inclination or skills level, they are encouraged to get involved and “try things out” in an environment where effort, improvement and commitment are rewarded.

At HSW the children experience a broad syllabus of individual and team-based activities. The sports taught include badminton, tennis, athletics, cross-country, gymnastics (KS 1), rounders, hockey, netball, basketball, tag-rugby, football and cricket.

We offer all children, regardless of ability, opportunities to represent HSW in fixtures against other schools from Year 3 and onwards.

In order to promote children’s creative cognitive movement we also offer dance on the timetable, taught by specialist teachers. Pupils are encouraged to choreograph their own themed contemporary dances.

In the Junior School, every day begins with an aerobics workout or a run. The children train together, competing against themselves, to clock up laps towards their 100K Challenge – many of our pupils run over 100 kilometres in the course of the school year.

We host two annual cross-country tournaments for local junior schools; the spirit of HSW is evident in the way that boys and girls cheer for each other. We also have mixed football teams. Girls from HSW are training with the England women’s football development squad. We are one of the few schools to train Ball Boys and Ball Girls (BBBGs) for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships each year.

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