The Big Pedal – One-day Challenge

Last Day of Term – Easter Egg Hunt and Fun Activities at Oberon Fields
25th March 2021
Nugget- the school pet
26th April 2021

The Big Pedal – One-day Challenge

A big Thank You! to Pupils, Parents and Staff for taking part in 'The Big Pedal'. We officially ranked 13th out of 51 schools involved in the UK for the one day challenge and 3rd for schools in the Borough of Merton.

We also have improved our target from the previous year and  have reduced car use by staff from 42% to 29% and reduced car use from pupils from 30% to 26%.

The Big Pedal carries on until the 30th April, so I encourage you to continue to save the earth, and walk, cycle or scoot to school as much as possible!

Wonderful posters by the pupils have been made and put around school on notice boards to remind us. 

Well done ALL!