The Hall School Wimbledon Tapestry

This is a unique learning framework created especially for our students, helping us to adapt our teaching to the needs of the individual rather than the other way around. Equipping our students with a toolkit for their future lives, the Tapestry comprises the following key themes:

The Hall School Wimbledon Tapestry

At Hall School Wimbledon we believe in the individual.

We believe in understanding and acknowledging their learning mindset and their approach to learning. We believe in adapting the curriculum to the needs of the individual and not the other way round.

At Hall School Wimbledon we take the UK National Curriculum and weave our own, unique threads to create a truly bespoke, Individualised learning framework that is tailored to our school’s specific needs, culture and the aspirations of our children.

We call our bespoke learning framework The Hall School Wimbledon Tapestry.

Our school’s community and learning is rooted and shaped by our bespoke tapestry of six strands:


We want our pupils to leave us as open-minded, inquisitive and discerning young adults. Lifelong learning is central to everything we do at HSW, and this will be especially true for our Years 12-13. Taught lessons will involve much discussion, debate and individual presentations from all pupils.


With the help of 8Billion Ideas, we will provide opportunities for our eldest students to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills and innovation through a series of independent projects and workshops - which will broaden their horizons and help them to see the benefits of entrepreneurship, when accompanied by social responsibility and charitable activity.


Valuing the health and wellbeing, and self-worth, of our pupils is at the heart of our culture at HSW. This is especially true for our young adults in Y12-13, who will be supported and coached by tutors so they can navigate their emotional landscape and develop lifelong skills in critical reflection. We want to empower our students so they feel self-confident and self-aware, cognisant of their skills and abilities and aware of the importance of looking after their mental health as much as their physical health.


We are fortunate to have a richly diverse and inclusive school community, made up of students from all over the world. We celebrate many different religious festivals and beliefs, and we embrace the culture and cuisine of many different countries around the world, through our whole-school themed days, activities and trips. We want to build on this for our sixth form offer, and bring a global perspective to every subject taught. Staff will be encouraged to place their own subject in a global context, providing ample opportunities for the students to discuss, debate and challenge what they read and hear.


It is essential that our sixth formers have frequent opportunities to develop their digital literacy within the context of whatever subjects they are studying. So all teachers of Y12-13 will be required to incorporate digital literacy into their lesson planning, utilising the technology we have at HSW to amplify the learning experience and to further embed those 21st century skills so important beyond school.


We need to do more in how we teach and promote sustainable living. Using our Oberon Pavilion, we will deliver a series of sustainability workshops and activity days, some held exclusively for our sixth formers, others run by the sixth formers for our younger pupils. We would like each Y13 cohort to leave behind a legacy of some kind, whether it is in how they may develop and improve the grounds of the school and at Oberon, or some other form of lasting benefaction, such as improving how we recycle or conserve energy across our school.