Head’s blog –18th March

Head’s blog –11th March
11th March 2022
Pi Day
18th March 2022

Head’s blog –18th March

What a productive week this has been. The Open Morning was a tremendous success and I would like to give special thanks to all my colleagues for their hard work and support. I would also like to make special mention of the pupils who proudly showed our visitors around the school as tour guides. The feedback from our many visitors was so positive – and they all spoke so highly of their tour guides!

Mrs Abensur and I attended a schools’ fair last night at The Roche School. I am delighted to say we were inundated with enquiries, with many parents coming to our exhibition stand on the recommendations of others. We were very proud to talk about our wonderful school and to invite them for a visit soon.

Our winning Netball team sets off today for what I’m sure will be an exciting and memorable netball tour with Miss Ofori and Miss Rosam. Good luck to our fabulous girls as they head off for a weekend of competing and flying the flag for all of us. We are proud of you! My sincere thanks to Miss Ofori for her continued outstanding sports coaching. She really is a fine role model – as is Miss Rosam!

It has been ‘Science Week’ this week. Miss Kleine-Deters, ably assisted by Miss Rosam and Mrs Boeke, has led such an exciting series of investigations, experiments and memorable learning experiences, culminating in a sunny afternoon spent up at Oberon today, engaging in a pop rocket challenge and a marble roller-coaster run. On one occasion this week I visited the science labs to be met by stares and looks of horror as if I were a ghost. The science lab had been turned into a crime scene and there was an investigation going on. There, at my feet, was a chalk drawing of a body on the floor – a short, middle-aged man by the looks of it. The penny dropped. The young scientists had been conducting some forensic experiments to identify who had done away with the headmaster. We will hear more from Miss KD next week!

Learning is memorable at HSW and so it should be. We are fortunate indeed.

Have a lovely weekend.

A J Hammond