Head’s blog – 1st April

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5th April 2022
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Head’s blog – 1st April

Well, we made it to the chequered flag. There are so many highlights for me in what has been my first complete term at HSW. Ours is a busy, vibrant place of learning, a colourful puzzle in which every single person plays a unique part, and without whom we would be missing a piece. When we join together, we present a striking picture indeed!

Talking of impressive pictures, we enjoyed a magical adventure on Wimbledon Common this morning, egg rolling and hunting. My thanks to Miss Offori, Miss Rosam and Mr Dockery particularly for their eggcellent planning, and to all the staff who helped to make this such an eggstraordinary event for everyone – another unique and quirky tradition for the Hall! To be so close to the common, with its wild pathways, ponds and hills, is truly special for a London day school like ours.

I would like to thank all the staff, pupils and parents that make up our community for their hard work, dedication and, above all, their unfailing support for our school during this very busy and productive term. As I stand on the gate every morning, welcoming in the members of our happy family, I notice a spring in their step, an excitement to enter the premises and see what the day will bring. This is all too rare in many schools. Seldom have I experienced such positive energy and relentless optimism in education. Long may it continue.

I hope all our families enjoy some well-earned time together now, and may I suggest some sleep! Every day we check our mobile phones to see if the battery level is sufficient, but rarely do we perform the same check for ourselves. As humans, our battery charger is our bed, plain and simple, and we need to be on it for sufficient time for our batteries to re-charge every night. I, for one, intend to top up my power levels this holiday and I hope you will have a proper chance to do the same!

Best wishes from all of us here for Easter.


A J Hammond