Head’s blog – 8th July

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Week 27th June – 1st July
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Week 4th – 8th July
13th July 2022

Head’s blog – 8th July

I am delighted to share news that our wonderful school has been shortlisted for ‘Independent School of the Year for Student Wellbeing’. This is a well-deserved testament to the great work our staff put in every day to maintain the health and self-worth of our cherished students. We believe in supporting the whole child in front of us and we value the warm relationships we enjoy with each and every student. I hope to share news that we have won when the voting has been held!

I want to thank all my colleagues at the Hall for their hard work and dedication this year. It has been a privilege to lead such a charming and unique school since I arrived in November, and I am looking forward very much to next year, when we shall do it all again.
The list of enhancements we have made this year is too long to set out here – I would need several pages – but some headlines for me include: a much broader range of after-school clubs; a revitalised library staffed by student librarians under the leadership of Miss Stoneley; our new Inspiring Speakers programme, which has brought many passionate experts to our school to talk about their professions and broaden our students’ horizons; the commencement in earnest of our plans for Sixth Form in September 2023, spearheaded by Dr Pareek; the formation of our new PTA, who have already hosted some successful events and have many more to come; the clearing and re-organising of our science tech’ room, which has meant we can enjoy lots of practical science lessons again; the introduction of many more educational visits and events, enriching our curriculum with real-world experiences; the re-introduction of class assemblies, giving all students the chance to present to the school and inspire their peers; the introduction of a new and more efficient form of communication through the use of Parent Portal, led by Mr Bamgbaiye. And many more…
These improvements are only the beginning; we are on a journey to outstanding and I am excited about next year and beyond. Thanks to our dedicated staff – and the constant support of our parents and carers – the learning experience for our students is becoming richer and more stimulating every week.

And in return for our hard work, our students have continued to avail themselves of every opportunity presented to them. They are insatiably curious, adventurous and resilient. Simply, they make very good company! They will have a go at anything we put in front of them, safe in the knowledge that we love them and we hold unshakeable belief in what they can achieve.

Life is long, if we’re lucky, but childhood is short, and in many areas of life, perhaps even in some schools I could mention, it appears to be getting shorter. But not at the Hall. We all want our students to do well and achieve great things academically, and they do, but we know that real, lasting growth comes not from cramming and sorting and ranking, but from the steady building of self-worth, self-confidence and self-discipline. In this aim, I believe we are not only becoming outstanding, we are standing out.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful summer with your families and I look forward very much to seeing everyone return safe and happy for the new academic year ahead, which promises to be an exciting one. I am impatient to get started, but I do feel we have all earned a little rest before September. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, stay safe and stay optimistic. The future looks bright indeed!


May I close with a poem by Nikita Gill,


The Meaning of a Day

Each new dawn brings with it

15 new reasons for laughs,

100,000 new heartbeats in your chest,

your lifeblood voyages 168,000,000 miles.


And each new morning on this earth translates

7,200 earthquakes in the upcoming 24 hours.

More than 18,000 thunderstorms,

our planet is struck by lightning 8.6 million times.


And in space?

The passing of a day

means the wondrous birth of

approximately 275 billion stars.


This is why everyday

Is an opportunity for rebirth.

That is why no matter what they say,

you must never underestimate your own worth.


A J Hammond