Pupils in Years 3 to 6 receive lessons each week in Geography. Our geographers distinguish themselves not only by showing how many essential facts they can memorise, but also by demonstrating the ability to:

  • appreciate the diversity and wonder of the world in which they live;
  • recognise the (often delicate) balance between the physical (natural) and human aspects of Geography;
  • appreciate the importance of living our lives in a sustainable way;
  • express their own opinions about the world, whilst understanding and empathising with the opinions of others;
  • ask searching geographical questions; and
  • communicate their ideas with clarity and precision.

Without underplaying the importance of content within the Geography curriculum, we view the subject as a vehicle for honing thinking skills and study skills. For example, what is more important when a pupil of primary school age draws a cross-section diagram of a volcano? Is it memorising vocabulary such as “magma chamber” and “crater”, or the process of planning and executing an informational drawing which is completed with pride, attention to detail and with the reader in mind? These questions become ever more valid in this age of smart phones, when every conceivable fact is just a click away.

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