Computer Science

Computer Science

The increasing influence of globalisation and developments in cross-continental communications has transformed the job market, with large businesses and corporations now able to relocate much of their development work to nations where the demand for skills can be met. The emergence of global technology hubs, such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore, highlights how the uptake of computing early on in schools can significantly boost the national economy and drive up living standards for the wider population. Taking computer science can also provide opportunities for travel, as professionals with these particular skills are sought out across the globe, offering candidates the freedom to live and work in a country of their choosing.

HSW is organised through Google Classroom with content, assessment and feedback largely done through this platform. Computer Science teaches students computational and algorithmic thinking, and how to manage real life problems. The programme of studies includes coding webpages with HTML 5 and CSS, developing computer games and animations with Scratch. Python is used for programming.


Additionally, students work through the Duke of York iDEA Award at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels depending on their age and ability.

Robotics and 3D design are both parts of the programme of studies, as well as learning about electronics using Arduino boards. This department is a dynamic force, students enjoy the subject and it is very practical for everyday life.

KS4 students may opt to study the GCSE (1-9) Computer Science course (OCR). For more information about the specification  see:

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