Pupils study a drama curriculum throughout key stage 3 and have the option to continue into GCSE, following the Edexcel exam board.

In years 7-9 pupils have two drama lessons a week. They will learn the key skills involved in creating, analysing and evaluating performance. Further to this, through the content of lessons, the curriculum develops students’ self-confidence, presentation skills, empathy and creative team-work, and allows them a safe space to explore and understand social issues and challenging situations they may encounter later in life.

While the majority of our pupils will not go on to pursue careers in theatre, film and television, they will all attend job interviews, give presentations, and work collaboratively, often managing others. Drama is crucial in developing these key skills, so highly regarded by employers in all sectors.

At GCSE, students have three drama lessons each week. The qualification is broken into three components: a devised performance, supported by a written portfolio, documenting, analysing and evaluating the creative process; performance from a published work; and an exam including practical exploration and analysis of a full play text, and evaluation of a live performance that the students have seen.

In the Autumn term of year 10, students develop the technical and collaborative skills required for success on the course, before rehearsing and performing their devised piece.

In year 11 students perform two extracts from a published play for assessment by a visiting examiner. In preparation for the final exam, they will use practical drama techniques to explore a complete play text and study a further performance that they will be taken to see.

Extracurricular opportunities offered to students will include a junior drama club, opportunities to take part in school shows, and the chance to achieve Lamda qualifications.

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