Maths is for everyone. It is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping pupils with the right skills to reach their future destination, wherever that may be. At Hall School Wimbledon, we believe every child can be good at mathematics. Our priorities are to bring the subject alive, to grow the confidence of our pupils through our teaching, and to ensure that they all work to the best of their ability. We treat the subject not as a collection of rules but as an exploration in learning: posing questions, solving real problems and discovering patterns and relationships.

KS3 Mathematics Curriculum Overview (Year 7 &8)

Our KS3 curriculum is based on the mastery curriculum from White Rose Maths. At HSW we aim to instil a love of logical thinking, problem solving and real life application of mathematics, whilst introducing, practising and revisiting key skills. It builds on knowledge developed in KS2, and provides a smooth transition through to KS4, and hopefully onto KS5. It encourages students to be confident and resilient mathematicians, and to see the benefit of learning mathematics and numeracy. Through utilising growth mindset language, accurate and constructive feedback, alongside targeted homework, we develop independent learners with inquisitive and enquiring minds, who have the ability to overcome obstacles in their learning and view mistakes as opportunities to enhance their understanding. 

The link for year 7 curriculum plan and revision resources:

The link for year 8 curriculum plan and revision resources:

KS4 Mathematics Curriculum Overview (Year 9,10 & 11)

At Hall School Wimbledon, pupils will embark on a three year GCSE course at either the Higher or Foundation tier. This subject is compulsory. We follow the AQA exam board and the content is divided into three years.


Subject content


Format of GCSE examinations 

AQA 8300 • 100% examined (no coursework)  (THREE written exams) 

  • Paper 1 Non calculator (80 marks) 1 hour 30 min
  • Paper 2 Calculator (80 marks) 1 hours 30 min
  • Paper 3 Calculator (80 marks) 1 hours 30 min

Since there is more focus on calculator skills than previously, it is now more important than ever that all pupils own and know how to use a scientific calculator – we recommend the Casio 85GT.

Questions on each paper increase in difficulty to assess pupils from levels 4 - 9 (higher), and levels 1 - 5 (foundation). Questions that are not assessed on one paper, tend to be assessed in one of the others. Question styles vary from short single marked questions, to multi step problems. Pupils must take three papers at the same tier.

Homework is an online Maths programme that we shall be using for weekly  homework for all students. The aim of this programme is to provide a top quality, home learning platform to students so that, along with fantastic teacher-led Maths lessons in school, your child will be supported at home with their Maths learning.

Enthusiasm for Mathematics is high at Hall School Wimbledon. This is reflected in strong GCSE results. 

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