Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Learning a new language allows you to communicate more easily with other people, find out how language works and learn about different countries and cultures. Being able to speak another language is an asset when travelling or on holiday, as well as opening up a greater range of job opportunities.

At HSW everyone has the opportunity to learn French and German from Year 7.  With two lessons of both languages each week, pupils study a wide range of topics including everyday activities, personal and social life, and the world around us.  They develop a variety of essential language skills in reading, writing, listening, conversation and grammatical techniques through various approaches including language-learning games. 

In addition, pupils can expand their cultural awareness of French and German-speaking countries by working with authentic materials and comparing other cultures with their own.  The weekly programme of enrichment clubs allows them to explore these cultures in more depth.

Pupils can also study French and German at GCSE in Year 10 and 11.  We follow the Edexcel exam board and offer three lessons each week in which pupils prepare for a reading, writing, listening and speaking exam in the areas of:

  • Identity & Culture
  • Local area, Holiday & Travel
  • School
  • Future aspiration, Study & Work
  • International & Global dimension.

They have the opportunity to practise conversation with native speakers as well as honing their skills of translation into and out of the target language.

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