The Science Department aims to deliver practical and engaging lessons to all pupils at Hall School Wimbledon. We aim to ensure that pupils of all abilities enjoy and make progress in science. We endeavor to develop skills that are relevant to the practice of Science in everyday life. We strive to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Science.

Key Stage 3

All students are taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects from the start of Year 7 which helps them to develop their individual interests further. Pupils in Year 7 and 8 have four lessons of science a week and during these years the National Curriculum is followed in most respects, but with more emphasis on traditional school Science aimed at giving a deeper understanding of the basic principles of the subject.

Key Stage 4

Students start KS4 in Year 9 where they will study all three sciences. In Year 10 they then choose to continue to study either two or all three science subjects at GCSE. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are assessed in two 1 hour 45 minute papers in the summer of Year 11.

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