Theology and Philosophy

Theology and Philosophy

Religious Studies at the Hall School Wimbledon has three aims. The first is to enable students to consider various faiths and life stances, and contemplate whether any are appropriate for them. This is why there are two criteria for assessing religion; they are learning from religion and learning about religion.  A student may not wish to fully engage with a particular faith but could find ideas or moral principles that they are drawn to.


The second aim fits with the attainment target of learning about religion. It is the function of Religious Studies, to educate children on the beliefs and values of as many faiths as possible. It is hoped that this approach will enable them to participate fully in the global village of the 21st century as well as contributing to social cohesion on a micro level.

Thirdly, Religious Studies engages with both Philosophy and Ethics and, at present, it is the only opportunity that students have to engage with these disciplines which, paradoxically, are age old but ever new. Humankind has always engaged with a search for the meaning in life and discovery of a moral code and this is a student’s opportunity to embrace this discourse.

In practise this means that the Year 7s study the Old Testament as our society still bases its morality and law on Judaeo Christian values. Judaism is also studied as a discreet faith and we embrace Islam and Buddhism also.

Year 8 begins with a study of the life of Jesus Christ and a consideration of his influence on world history. Here we also engage with Christian practises as preparation for GCSE whilst considering the contributions of people of faith to changing the world. Two of these are Malala and Martin Luther King.

In Year 9 we investigate Philosophical and Ethical issues and learn how to reach justified conclusions from different arguments.

At GCSE we study Christianity and Islam in depth to give us a perspective on ethical issues such as the sanctity of human life, human relationships, crime and punishment and war and peace.

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