Mardi-Gras et Carnaval

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9th February 2020
World Book Day at the Senior School
5th March 2020

Mardi-Gras et Carnaval

This year the Junior School celebrated “Mardi-Gras et Carnaval” on the 10th of February. The theme we followed was that chosen by Paris and Nice! For the occasion,all the children were invited to come to school dressed up as anyone or anything related to Transport “Le monde fantastique des Transports”  or as king or queen of fashion “Reine ou Roi de la Mode!”

On Monday morning children and teachers arrived at school dressed in wonderful costumes ready to celebrate “Carnaval”. At lunch everyone ate tasty “crêpes” which had been made at home by the Prep children. It was an absolute “festin”! Savoury crêpes  (ham and cheese) and sweet ones (sugar, lemon and jam) were devoured.

In the afternoon, the children got together in the Hall to celebrate Carnaval! I would like to congratulate Pre-prep for their excellent dressing up and making masks for the occasion. During our assembly we had Pre-prep and Year 5 and Year 6 singing french songs then it was Year 3 turn to come up and remind everyone why we celebrate Mardi-Gras and Carnaval. Prep children entertain the assembly with the most remarkable acts. In the programme, we had some more singing, a sketch “les terribles cadeaux de Noel”, a magic trick and incredible gymnastics. 

For the finale we put to the test our Champion of Transport “Leonardo” who is famous for his wide knowledge on Transport especially on the tube map, bus route and trains around London! He was asked to answer very difficult questions prepared by Sophia! He answered them all with brio! Finally, he was time to Leonardo to put Year 5 and Year 6 to the test, he organised a challenging quiz that everyone enjoyed! Meanwhile other children were making masks! It was truly a fun day.

Mme Bouriah would like to thank all parents for their endless support. Un grand merci!