Pi-Mania in 6F!

Beavers Holt at The Downs
7th February 2020
Mardi-Gras et Carnaval
14th February 2020

Pi-Mania in 6F!

Have you ever challenged yourself to memorise the first fifty decimal places of Pi, the never-ending number which is found by dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter? Possibly not, given that most questions ask us to take Pi as simply 3.14.

The pupils in 6F took on the challenge with more enthusiasm than any other year group before them, using memory tricks such as looking for repeating patterns, or splitting the fifty digits into more manageable smaller chunks. Normally we have one or two children who can memorise fifty decimal places, but this year we had ten!

Leo Panzeri recalled a stunning 156 digits (surely a School record!) and Nadira Naim an equally-impressive 149, whilst Michael Dean also broke the 100 barrier. Other notable scorers were Phetolo Maila (90), Ryoya Uchino (80), Ahmet Erikoglu (77), Haruka Miyama (76), Sophia Newton (75), and Ines Saulnier (60).

And their reward? Why, a selection of pies of course! They still have a little way to go, however, if they want to get their names in the record books. The current world record stands at a mind-boggling 70,030 decimal places!