Captain Tom 100 Challenge

Nugget- the school pet
26th April 2021
Year 7 One Hundred Helps- Captain Tom 100 Challenge
7th May 2021

Captain Tom 100 Challenge

This week, our pupils and teachers across different year groups have taken on a number of challenges after being inspired by Sir Captain Tom Moore. 

These are just a few examples:

  1. Create the number 100 on the playground

  2. 100 meter race in athletics

  3. Grow 100 seeds

  4. Skip 100 times

  5. Toss a dice 

  6. Factors of 100

  7. Domino Fall creating the 100 number

  8. Read 100 pages of a book

  9. Drawing with 100 strokes

  10. 100 laps

  11. 100 claps

  12. Hug a tree 100 times

  13. Bounce a ball 100 times

  14. Toss a ball 100 times

More ongoing activities...this weekend
  1. Year 7s have been challenged to raise some funds for the Captain Tom Foundation. In form time earlier this week it was agreed they would each undertake 4 helpful tasks over the Bank Holiday Weekend and ideally raise a minimum of £1 for each good deed.

  2. Chatsworth Group activities

a. Using 100 lego bricks what can you make - bring your creation to school  on Tuesday 4th. We will photograph it and we will select winners across the group.

b. Create a 100 word story - again, open to all, bring your entries in handwritten or printed out on Tuesday 4th and again we will offer prizes

c. We are asking all children to spend 100 minutes doing jobs/ helping their family and friends… we ask you to sponsor them for their time and for them to  bring the money into school on Tuesday 4th. 


You can help us either by making a donation directly in support of your child/ children or school through this link (which enables you to choose which charity to support from a long list!) or send a donation into school which will be collected by Jasmine at Reception.

Thank you.