Head’s Blog – 7th January

Celebrating La Fête des Rois in French Class
6th January 2022
Head’s blog- 14th Jan
14th January 2022

Head’s Blog – 7th January

May I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

It has been a productive and exciting start to the term and wonderful to see everyone again. Seeing our students’ bright eyes above their masks and hearing their laughter in the corridors is a restorative experience and always brightens these dark and cold days! We are past the shortest day and it won’t be long before the daffodils start appearing. (I saw rows of Easter eggs in a well-known supermarket the other day).

Thank you to everyone who ran the COVID tests like clockwork in our sports hall on Tuesday and Friday this week. I am grateful to all our parents and carers too for supporting us in our continued efforts to maintain the safest environment we can, during these challenging times. Soon we shall see a return to normal life and replace the face coverings with smiles.

I have some very good news regarding our co-curricular offer here at HSW. We are very keen to increase the number of after-school clubs we offer to students from our youngest to our eldest. We have discussed this as a staff and I have invited everyone to suggest a new club – something that they are passionate about, something different! The responses are coming in and I am so very excited to see so much creativity and passion amongst our staff!

We will be writing to you early next week with a list of all the new and exciting clubs we are going to offer. (To my colleagues who have already been running clubs after school, and will continue to do so, THANK YOU).

Please can I ask all families to send in your choices once we have shared the options with you, so that we can quickly see which clubs will be viable and when they will all take place.

May I ask for your patience as we hope to start this new and exciting co-curricular programme the week after next (from Monday 17th January). It will be worth waiting for! Further details will follow very shortly.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing you again on Monday.


A J Hammond