From Hall School Wimbledon to the Tennis Championships

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23rd January 2022
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28th January 2022

From Hall School Wimbledon to the Tennis Championships

Five pupils at Hall School Wimbledon (HSW), the only co-educational all-through school in Wimbledon, have been selected to be ball boys and ball girls (BBG) at the 2022 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. 


HSW’s Head of PE Mr Dockery has been training pupils since October in a rigorous regime that has required extraordinary commitment from the pupils involved. Training, which has taken place during break time, in PE and after school, has focused on fitness and a huge range of ball skills including feeding, rolling, receiving, and no ball show. The five selected HSW pupils are from Y10 and Y9.


The 250 ball boys and girls play a vital role in every Wimbledon tennis match. At an average age of only 15, they feed balls to the tennis players, remove balls not in play, ensure players are catered to and enable the game to run smoothly


Andrew Hammond, Head of Hall School Wimbledon said: “I am so proud of our HSW pupils for being selected for Wimbledon 2022. Ball boys and girls need self-confidence, motivation, and discipline and these are qualities that our five chosen students have shown in spades throughout their time at HSW and in particular during their recent intensive training regime with our Head of PE. The whole of HSW look forward to seeing them in action at the Tennis Championships this summer”.