Head’s blog – 28th Jan

From Hall School Wimbledon to the Tennis Championships
26th January 2022
Head’s blog – 4th February
4th February 2022

Head’s blog – 28th Jan

It was a privilege to sit down with pupils this week to launch our brand new podcast, Wimbledon Calling. In this first episode I was interviewed by the children before turning the tables and interviewing them about their Minecraft project and their determination to construct a virtual replica of our school – which they have now successfully done. We will let you know as soon as the podcast is baked and ready. In our next episode, I will sit down with more pupils and ask the question: ‘What does the future look like?’

Determination was evident elsewhere across our school this week. Our congratulations to the five pupils who have been selected to join the team of Ball Boys and Ball Girls at Wimbledon this year. An outstanding achievement; well done to everyone who trained for this – and a shout out to Mr Dockery too for his determined and expert coaching.

There was more determination from our netball team too, as our girls entered an Independent Schools netball competition. Well done all for representing our school and thank you, as always, to Miss Ofori for her brilliant coaching.

On Thursday this week we hosted another Y7 Taster Day. Over thirty Y6 pupils from surrounding schools had a fabulous day of learning activities here at HSW. I interviewed every one of them and was thoroughly impressed by their intellectual ambitions, their determination and their impeccable manners! I would like to thank all the staff and pupils for making our visitors so welcome. Feedback from parents was tremendously positive, many coming to us via personal recommendations of our current parents. Thank you for continuing to champion HSW.

We are seeing many prospective families through our doors at the moment, as our popularity continues to increase, but we have no plans to become a large school – that is not who we are or what we do at HSW. Our uniqueness – personified in the close bonds between teachers and students here – relies on us being a small community, acting as a family together.

I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend with your families and friends. The weather is improving and the days are getting longer. Good times are ahead.


A J Hammond