Head’s blog – 17th June

Week 20th – 24th June
12th June 2022
Head’s blog – 24th June
26th June 2022

Head’s blog – 17th June

The efforts of our students and staff have been stoical this week. The mercury has risen beyond 30 degrees and yet on they have battled with academic exams. We have tried to keep our rooms cool as best we can, but it has certainly been hot, but this has not deterred our students from completing their papers, taking them in their stride and using them as an opportunity to show us what they know and what they can do. I am so proud of everyone. I may often say that our students are far more than the sum of their grades, which they are, but it is still heartening to see them investing so much time and effort to ensure they achieve top grades! Well done all.

We have continued to welcome new parents and children to the school this week, as every week. I am always delighted when so many of our visitors say they have been sent on the recommendations of friends who are current HSW parents. I am grateful to you for your advocacy and for placing your trust in us. Together we are an impressive community, with the shared goal of enabling our children to flourish.

May I wish everyone a lovely weekend.


A J Hammond