Head’s blog – 24th June

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Head’s blog – 24th June

Our Year 11s completed their very last GCSE exam yesterday. That is it. The chequered flag. We could not be prouder of these young men and women who have set the finest example to their fellow students. We salute you all for your dedication and fortitude, your good humour and most of all your fellowship and teamwork – the way you have supported each other and kept each other going. We have had record-breaking temperatures, transport strikes, illness, and all manner of other challenges, but our Year 11s have battled on regardless and they deserve the great results that I am sure await them. Until then, relax and enjoy yourselves. My sincere thanks to Miss Kleine-Dieters who has organised the exams for us here at HSW this year, and to the whole team for their unstinting support of the Year 11s over the course of their long and cherished journey through the Hall. 

Our Year 9s have just returned from their amazing adventures on the Isle of Wight: a full week of cracking weather, great landscapes and all manner of physical and sporting challenges to tackle Residential trips like this are such an important and memorable part of our learning. On average, most of us spend 11,000 hours in school during our education – why shouldn’t some of those be spent on a beach hunting fossils? My thanks to our wonderful Head of Year 9, Anna Luisa-Jaax, for leading such a successful trip, and to Miss Partington and Mr Bamgbaiye for supporting so well. I can’t wait to hear more about it, before it’s the turn of our Year 7s and 8s next week. 

I have said before how proud we are of our BBG successful candidates this year, all five of them! Today was effectively their last day of school, as Wimbledon beckons and an intense fortnight of hard work and unique opportunities begins. Good luck, Freddie, Yuichi, Sam, Charlie and Pancho. We shall all be looking out for you!!! 

Have a good weekend everyone. 


A J Hammond